March 17, 2012

See below for our official response. All text between the lines is a submission.


Hey guys, I’m [NAME REDACTED] from where I’ve been doing literary journalism for several months of the year for the South-Eastern Ontario literary scene. Through the reputation of the website, I’ve been able to meet and interview authors, receive free contemporary literature, and make a name for myself in the literary community. I’ve been awful busy studying modern languages at Queen’s University so I don’t update the site during the school year, but the site still averages many daily views and thus stands on its own even when left without updates. I’m offering to become your editor and agent if you considered posting your content on Literatured (whether exclusively or no doesn’t matter, posting on both sites is only better for spreading your words). I could have the most contemporary poetry and novels sent to you free, hook you up with contacts in the publishing business, artists in any artistic field, and through the audience that already supports the website, get each of you noticed. Fiction or reviews, interviews, or research, doesn’t matter. You’d have no obligation and all the benefits.


We’re sorry, good sir, and we appreciate your offer, but we’d like to trailblaze our success in our own way. We think our talent and content speak for themselves well enough, and we believe in tumblr as a medium for our work to spread. Again, thank you for the kind offer, but we do things our own way.

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