March 13, 2012
Wouldn’t it be nice…

This is another reader submission. We think it reminds us of, “a comsic synth dream, a renegade thought process that dares us to ask- WHY?” We hope you enjoy it as much as we did:


Long synth intro. Seemed to be having feedback issues. Sounded like a modem at one point. Crowd talking audibly after 6 minutes. I wished they’d shut up, realised hed built a sub heavy soundscape and some beat synth layers. In darkness. Violet lites. Bedroom. Scream vocoder choral. If not wow. Piercing. I expectd the crowd to be quiet. Still talking. I was entranced at this stage. Loner. Beauty and absurdity. Mdma. Dj build. Dissolute wkend.
Screaming deamons over a choir of angels floating in the void. Over. Lites up. Mushrooms. Savage punch you in the heart beauty. Beating shit out of guitars. Rub floor. Sweat spotlite. Bass always. Double snare blue. Smacks pick up empty hall door. Woohoo. Loud. More then a yes, wipe sweat onto next 1. Jaw dropping wall of sound. Eno. Instead of pushing out it sounded like reigning in. Hands a blur whistles and screams. Crashes like an orgasm to afterglow. I’m off 4 a cigarette. Nt rly. Wild horses. Day 8.
Half of one. Condom.