March 13, 2012
Team Racket

a poem by James


your image holds me tight,

with those fake-embossed corners,

and that polaroid feel,

instagram tells no lies,

but you do,

you heartless bitch,

I only wanted you to solve every problem in my life magically,

by sleeping with me,

and listening to records with me,

and you didn’t,

way to go,

what a fucking letdown,


what is your problem.

All i ask,

is for a woman,

who changes my life for me,

while i stay exactly how I am,

and I don’t see how that’s so hard,

so here i am,

sitting here,

watching pokemon,

as my life drips through the coffee filter,

waiting to be sold for 3.49 at a starbucks,

and I will drink that starbucks,

and promptly shit it out a few hours later,

just like you did to me.

clearly everthing that is wrong in my life is derived from you,

and the fact that you left me,

so I hope you fall into a briar patch,

like that rabbit from that disney ride,

where everybody gets wet.

this is called confessional poetry.

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