March 13, 2012


Welcome to “Underappreciated Future Literary Geniuses”; we’re five young, like-minded writers across the nation who, after meeting through the serendipity of a message board, decided to start up a writing blog to showcase our work. We all think that we’ve got the talent and body-of-work sitting on our desks to make it as authors of prose and poetry, but we feel like we’re just going for the wrong audience. After numerous rejections from The New Yorker and Granta Magazines, along with the various publishers we’ve tried going to with larger collections of our work, we’ve realized that the literary community is hopelessly behind the times. Put simply, we’re trailblazers, and our innovative efforts are unrecognized by the very community we aspire to be a part of.

So instead, we’ve decided to start a revolution; we’ve started this blog as a new way to introduce our work to an audience— an audience we think is ready for our work, when the rest of the world isn’t. We think we’ve really got some special stuff going too; as arrogant as this might sound, we’re the best and brightest among everyone we know, and we’ve got what it takes to give the world of literature a much-needed shakeup from it’s slumber.

Now, since this is a test run, we’re going to keep things a little less personal; we’re only using first names for now, but if you guys like our stuff, then we might start taking credit for what we come up with (I’d insert a winking smiley, but then I’d have to kill myself). So let us know what you think, and please, share our works on tumblr by reblogging and liking our posts! We think we’ve got some pretty good stuff, and if you know literature as well as we’d like to think you do, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Yours in words,






or, the Foster-Wallace Five

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